Dispersion of Air Pollution & Penetration into the Local Environment

Project Advisory Group (PAG)

Chair: Alan Robins

A DAPPLE Project Advisory Group (sometimes called the stakeholder group) has been established and is regularly consulted regarding the development of project plans, as well as being kept fully in touch with progress through workshops, progress reports and the DAPPLE website. Beneficiaries are included in the group and thus contribute directly to the project. Where appropriate, selected members of the DAPPLE team may visit an individual organisation represented on the PAG to discuss the project as a whole but chiefly to concentrate on specific issues of interest to the organisation. PAG members will have access to the project output as it develops, ahead of its general availability. A regular series of progress reports and project workshops is planned to keep PAG members fully informed of plans and achievements and to ensure feedback on all aspects of the work. Reports, meeting proceedings etc. will all be available electronically.

Membership of the PAG, in the first instance, comprised the original supporters of the EPSRC project proposal. Membership changes will be approved through the Management Board, using e-mail. Anyone interested in joining this group should make a proposal to any Board Member or via info@dapple.org.uk, accompanied by a brief statement of justification.

The following played an active role in the PAG at some stage during or, indeed, throughout the project:

Organisation Representative(s)
ALG Chris Lee, Daniel Harrison
APRIL Linda Davies
Borough of Camden Quentin Given, Anna Savage
BRE (Building Research Establishment) Sani Dimitroulopoulou, Vina Kukadia
Bristol City Council David Muir
Cambridge City Council Jo Dicks
City of Westminster Steve Neville, Barry Davies
DEFRA Martin Williams, Janet Dixon
DSTL Roger Kingdon
Environment Agency Jim Storey
GLA David Vowles
Home Office (CBRN) Linda Galloway, Nicola Williams
HSE Steven Porter
HSL Peter Walsh, Rodger Clark
King's College London David Green
Leicester City Council Nick Hodges
NERI (Denmark) Steen Solvang Jensen
NRPB Arthur Jones
NSCA Tim Williamson
Reading City Council Richard Marks
Surrey County Council Peter Sivell, John Pitt
TfL Nicola Cheetham, Peter Brown, Tim Barlow
UK Meteorological Office David Thomson, Doug Middleton, Matthew Hort
University College London Ben Croxford
UWERN (University's Weather Research Network) Paul Mason