Dispersion of Air Pollution & Penetration into the Local Environment

Consortium Centres and Principal Members

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University of Bristol
School of Chemistry
[Tracer Release Field Experiments]
Alan Knights
Catheryn Price
Damien Martin
Dudley Shallcross
Graham Nickless
Tony Makepeace
University of Cambridge
[Modelling & Planning of Field Tracer Release]
Rex Britter
Marina Neophytou
Imperial College London
[Exposure Assessment & Modelling]
Chris Pain
Elsa Aristodemou
Helen ApSimon
Hongbin Wang
Mark Nieuwenhuijsen
Roy Colvile
Samantha Arnold
Surbjit Kaur
University of Leeds
[Traffic Studies and Background Pollution Measurements; Meteorological Measurements]
Alison Tomlin
James Tate
Margaret Bell
Rob Smalley
University of Reading
Boundary Layer Meteorology Group
[Urban Meteorological Measurements and Modelling]
Adrian Dobre
Janet Barlow
Omduth Coceal
Stephen Belcher
University of Surrey
EnFlo & FRC
[Wind Tunnel Measurements; Project Management]
Alan Robins
Hong Cheng
Sandro Baldi
Paul Hayden
Phil Hancock
Susan Hughes
Tom Lawton