Dispersion of Air Pollution & Penetration into the Local Environment

Fieldwork 2003

The first field campaign, 28 April - 24 May 2003, has been successfully completed. Measurements were centred at Westminster City Council House (WCC), London, NW1, on the intersection of Marylebone Road and Gloucester Place. The surrounding study area was approximately 250m in radius. Marylebone Road is a busy dual carriageway (A501) and forms the northern boundary of the London Congestion-Charging Zone. Gloucester Place is 3 lanes, one-way north (Baker Street is southbound one block to the East). The roads intersect perpendicularly and Marylebone Road is at a 20 degree angle north of due east, approximately WSW-ENE. The DAPPLE in-street instrumentation included - 6 ultrasonic anemometers 1 AWS and 10 CO Streetboxes. Most instruments were mounted on street furniture along Marylebone Road between Westminster Council House and Marylebone Road AURN Supersite, courtesy of Transport for London (TfL). Three instruments were located in Gloucester Place. A rooftop reference was provided by an ultrasonic anemometer and an AWS on the roof of the Westminster Council House. Additional measurements included SCOOT traffic data, measurements within the traffic using the Leeds Instrumented Vehicle, an inert tracer release experiment conducted from York Street, exposure measurements made by people passing through the area, and limited indoor-outdoor measurements of VOCs and particulate matter.

The field study site map below illustrates the distribution of equipment around the site:

The fixed field measurement equipment was kindly mounted on street furniture by TfL and the consortium team.

Further details of each component of fieldwork with some preliminary results are available in the following sections:

  • Meteorology
  • Background Pollution & Traffic
  • Tracer Release Experiment
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Looking ahead, the success of the first DAPPLE measurement campaign has meant that the consortium is now in a position to open the second experiment, dates set as 19 April- 28 May 2004, to other interested parties. To take advantage of the permissions gained to work in central London please contact Alan Robins (via info@dapple.org.uk) in the first instance to discuss possible collaborations for either the testing of equipment in an urban environment and/or full participation in the next phase of the DAPPLE field measurements